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Tilogy of tartares (tuna,salmon and duck magret)                                                      18,00Euros

Goose gizards salad glazed with raspberry vinegar                                                   13,00 Euros       
Narural foie gras  mi-cuit                                                                                           14,00 Euros

Camenbert Roti (honey, nuts and almonds, small potatoes)                                      15,00 Euros

Duo of Foie Gras Mi-cuit                                                                                          18,00 Euros 
(Natural and poached in Cahors Red Wine )

Seared foie gras  served with Raspberries and Basil                                                  19,00 Euros   
Caramelised pear stuffed with roquefort                                                                    12,00 Euros

Layers of beetroot & goats cheese with  garlis,olive oil & chives                              12,00 Euros
Salad of avocado,shrimp,apples                                                                                 14,00 Euros
& grapefruit in a marie-rose sauce

(All ours cold Foie Gras are served with toasted corn bread,onion jam, marinaded apricots and sultanas ) 

                                                              Sea Side

King prawns flambed with whisky                                                                          22,00  Euros

Sea bass fillet with a Périgord chestnut butter sauce                                                16,00  Euros

Salmon trout with truffle sauce                                                                                17,00  Euros

Frogs Legs Persillade  glazed with lime juice                                                          15,00  Euros

Caviar  and a flute of Champagne                                                                            26.00 Euros
(10 grams of caviar, lemon and small grilled corn bread buttered)

                                                              Side Earth

Duck confit with fried cepes                                                                                     17,00 Euros

Oven cooked  goose confit                                                                                       18,00 Euros
(with porcini mushrooms + 5 Euros)

Duckling fillet  Egyptian style                                                                                  16,00 Euros
(Honeyed lime,coriander,fresh chives,curry & cumin)

Sliced duck breast and seared foie gras                                                                     27,00 Euros
with a morel  mushroom sauce

Sirloin steak 400g, home fries,                                                                                  26,00 Euros
bone marrow sauce and butter Maitre d'hotel    
Beef tartare & home made fries                                                                                 15,00 Euros

Slow cooked  lamb shank marinaded in lebanese spices                                           21,00 Euros

Cambodgian Amok                                                                                                   16,00 Euros

Sweetbreads with chanterelles sauce                                                                          22,00 Euros


Three Cheese Plate (Saint Nectaire, Livarot, Bleu de Bresse)                                    7.00 Euros

Cabécou Goat (Olive oil or honey acacia)                                                                  3.50 Euros

Saint Felicien integer (olive oil , black pepper and Szechuan )                                   8.50 Euros


Caprice Phan Tao SFRO                                                                                            7,50 Euros
(Banana, Caramel, Crushed biscuit,rum-raisin ice cream & Chantilly cream)

House Chocolate Cake                                                                                               7.50 Euros

Fiadone  "The Original"                                                                                             7,50 Euros

Sandrines’ walnut tart                                                                                                  6.50 Euros

Amarena Cherries with faisselle cheese                                                                       6.50 Euros

Mille feuille of fresh fruits, Cassis Sorbet                                                                    7.50 Euros

House Creme Brulee with saffron                                                                                7,50 Euros

Doudou Fraiche Frozen Mint and Chocolate                                                               7,50 Euros

Two scoops of ice cream                                                                                             4,00 Euros

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